Appreciate Coin Crypto Token
Appreciate Coin Crypto Token

Appreciate Coin

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Appreciate Coin is a crypto coin you can buy and send to others as a token of appreciation or as a little gift.

Its primary use case is to say 'thank you' in forums, blogs, open source projects and any other social communities or projects.

For the receiver a coin is not only a nice gesture, but also an utility token which can be reused and shared with others or be exchanged into other crypto currencies.

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

Use Cases

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

So, Appreciate Coin is a fun token?

Of course it is fun to get some Appreciate Coins and share them with others. However Appreciate Coin was released as a long term project aiming to increase the utility and thereby the value of each coin over time.

Increasing utility of Appreciate Coin

No inflation

The number of coins was limited to 2,200,000 coins in total already at time of creation (see contract). There will never be more. The blockchain ensures this. Only 1,000,000 coins are available for sale when going public.

Technical integrations

Integrations into Wordpress and other blogs or social media tools as well as the upcoming App will boost the usage of Appreciate Coin. If it is just ‘one click’ so send an Appreciate Coin to someone else, people will use their possibilities.

Growing use cases

With a growing distribution of Appreciate Coin over time, more and more use cases will appear and more and more people will own some Appreciate Coins, making the available tokens more rare and increasing demand for tokens.

Ease of crypto trading

Whilst it still brings some hurdles to buy and trade an 'exotic' coin like APPR in these days, these hurdles will not exist any more when crypto gets mainstream, thus further increasing demands for Appreciate Coin.
APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

The Vision

"Appreciate Coins are an easy to use and common crypto currency to give small donations to contributors in forums, blogs, open source projects and other social media communities."

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin
APPR crypto coin


Appreciate Coin Crypto App

Manage your appreciations with an App

Coming soon!

The upcoming Appreciate Coin App will further boost usage of the coin by making it easier to handle trading and sharing.

Buy & Sell

Directly trade and exchange Appreciate Coin over the most current DeFi platforms (DEX) such as PancakeSwap.

View & Share

Social media features allow you to share your Appreciate Coins with the world or to send them to others.

Store & Save

The app includes a lightweight crypto wallet, allowing you to safely store your coins with your own keys.
Available soon Google Play Store Apple App Store
APPR crypto coin


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ahead!
We are currently preparing the Initial Coin Offering of Appreciate Coin. Stay tuned for updates here or follow Appreciate Coin on Twitter

Technically speaking, Appreciate Coin is an Ethereum Token (ERC-20) residing on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain (BEP-20).

Token Type
Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0xc8dDFC2867B767092AB04cDa12E31DAC52ff0083

View on BSCScan Contract at Github
APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

Advantages of Ethereum Ecosystem

Blockchain Technology

Running on a secure, open, future-ready crypto blockchain.

Binance Smart Chain
Ethereum (ERC-20)


HODL Appreciate Coin using your favorite BSC / Ethereum wallet.

Metamask Wallet
Trust Wallet
SafePal Wallet

And many more...


Trade both at centralized crypto currency exchanges (CEX) and at decentralized marketplaces (DeFi / DEX).

More information soon!

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

Token Distribution

Total number of tokens: 2,200,000

Tokens are distributed in order to empower a valuable coin, further project development and long-term success by also sharing a more than average amount of tokens with the community.

Community (Public Sale)

45.5% of all coins will be available for public sale via CEX and DEX!

Project Funding

53.5% will be used to fund the project itself, mainly marketing, app development.
Shares will be locked and vested!

Charity Donations

1% are reserved for charity donations. Learn more!
APPR crypto coin

Charity Donations

We appreciate!

Lots of people are doing great jobs in charity organisations each and every day.

This is why we decided to donate a total of 22,000 Appreciate Coins to good causes.

Our Promise

One year after the public Initial Coin Offering of Appreciate Coin (APPR), we will give away 22,000 coins to a selected organisation.

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

Every APPR token holder will be able to make a proposal and to vote via our App!

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin
Charity Donations with crypto
APPR crypto coin


Appreciate Coin is not just an idea. It is already there. But there is still a lot of things to do.

Strategic Objectives

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin
Create a community of people trading and sharing Appreciate Coins. Or just HODLing some coins. The upcoming ICO (Initial Coin Offering) at the most common crypto exchanges will be the beginning of this.
Make getting and using Appreciate Coin more easy by integrating Decentralized Applications (DApps) for Wordpress and other widely used community and blogging tools.
APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin

Upcoming Activities

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

    Mid 2021

    Almost 50% of all Appreciate Coins will be given to the community, allowing everyone to trade with, to exchange and to share.

  • App Release

    Q3 / 2021

    Appreciate Coin will get its own app, making trading, sharing and socializing Appreciate Coin even greater.

  • Blog & Forum Tools Integration

    Q4 / 2021

    DApps and plugins for Wordpress and other community tools will allow using Appreciate Coins just with 'one click'.

  • 'Penny Coin' Release

    Q1 / 2022

    As the value of Appreciate Coin might get too high for little appreciations, we think about issuing an independent 'smaller', less limited coin in future. Stay tuned!

  • APPR crypto coin


    Appreciate Coins are an easy to use and common crypto currency to give small donations to contributors in forums, blogs, open source projects and other social media communities.

APPR crypto coin


About the Creators

Appreciate Coin (APPR) is a community driven project led and organized by the team of just works! Software. Having already launched some other successful products and services and having helped a tech startup to grow from 0 to 400+ employees, we strongly believe in crypto and DeFi being the next big shift of technology.

just works crypto IT
Located in Southern Germany
Innovating IT since 2005
15+ years experience in startups
Products used by 100K+
Strong belief: crypto is future

We are hiring!

In order to kickstart the reach of Appreciate Coin we are looking for a Crypto Marketing Manager / CMO on a freelance basis.

This is your opportunity to be part of an exciting journey!

Your objectives - what you've got to do

  • Grow the APPR social media community by creating content for Twitter and other channels
  • Create and manage pitches for investors, exchanges (DEX) etc.
  • Engage with influencers to superspread the idea of Appreciate Coin
  • Concept and manage bounties and other marketing campaigns

Requirements - what you should bring along

  • Proven knowledge and working experience in online marketing and social media marketing including the relevant tools
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrencies and insights into the crypto scene, ideally contacts to relevant people and networks
  • Ideally existing experience in successfully marketing and promoting a crypto project
  • Maybe you have already a working Twitter account, blog or other (crypto) community we can use to boost Appreciate Coin

Benefits - what's in for you

  • Significant stakes of Appreciate Coin*, more than rewarding you for your efforts in case of success
  • Gaining visibility and reputation in the crypto scene by being mentioned in our teamsheet as CMO
  • Right to have a say in major project decisions
  • And finally, you will be part of an exciting journey, having fun and gaining tons of experience
Interested? Please drop a message at or telegram at
* partially locked for a while like all team stakes

The Appreciate Coin Community - JOIN US!

APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin APPR crypto coin